School Activity Fund Accounting Software

A web-based school accounting solution designed exclusively for the K-12 environment.

SchoolFunds Online (SFO), a web-delivered software application, is designed to automate the tracking of any funds collected and disbursed at the school building level.  Prized for its user-friendliness and robust functionality, SFO is a comprehensive accounting system engineered to meet the needs of the dynamic school financial environment.  Built on Microsoft’s cutting-edge ASP.NET platform coupled with a centralized SQL Server database engine, SFO offers administrators real-time access to school data, as well as a powerful suite of centralized tools for consolidated reporting, audit functions, and monitoring of school accounting activities.

Administrator Benefits

  • Centralized SQL Database
  • Uniform Chart of Accounts and Vendor List (optional)
  • Immediate access to all schools data
  • Powerful District-Wide Consolidated Reporting


School Level Benefits

  • Simple PO, Check, and Receipt Routines
  • Optional PO Encumbrance Accounting
  • Quick and Easy Reconciliations
  • Fill-in-the-Blank Journal Entries


Overall Benefits

  • Personal, Hands-On Training
  • Unlimited School and Central Office Support
  • Online Payments for Student Fees
  • Remote Hosting offered by TRA or District can host on-site


In addition to the benefits listed above, SFO also provides District-Wide Consolidated Reporting for Receipts and Disbursements, Account History, Chart of Accounts, 1099 Payments, Year-End, among many other things.

Our powerful Audit Module will save you time and money with SchoolFunds Online, as your auditors create custom audit worksheets right from their desk!  Audit worksheets containing user-defined column headings with random samplings are now a breeze to create! These can be generated for each school by transaction type to include: checks, receipts, deposits, journal entries, and PO’s.