SchoolFunds Online Training and Support

Our support staff has over 96 years of school experience!



Our trainers are involved in the entire installation process of SFO.  They work directly with district administrators to set up the SFO system prior to training to ensure the system is customized to meet the district’s needs.  Then, the trainer conducts on-site classes to train each bookkeeper on the processes of SFO.  Our standard training classes are:

  • Customized to meet the needs of each school district.
  • Personal.  No more than 12-15 users to allow for personal, hands-on attention for all participants.
  • Very practical.  Participants are trained using their live data.  Each user also receives an easy to follow SFO handbook to keep.
  • Effective.  After one full day of training, new users will return to their schools caught up and ready to use SFO!

Training options we offer:

  • New & Review Workshops in our Wilmington, NC lab
  • On-site Full or Half-day sessions for new or current users
  • Webinar training sessions for an individual user or a group


Here at TRA, we believe the best software is of little value unless it comes with meaningful training and the best on-going customer support.  We offer both!  Our support desk staff are also our certified trainers and are some of the best in the business.  Why?  Because each member of the support team is:

  1. AVAILABLE:  We offer unlimited toll free and e-mail support which is included in our annual maintenance fee.
  2. EXPERIENCED:  Our support reps were hired from schools and are former users of our product.  Since our product is very specialized, we believe our support staff should be as well.  They understand first-hand the environment in which their callers are working and are able to empathize with them by giving custom support, not just tech support.
  3. CARING:  Each member of our team has a caring approach to each customer that puts them at ease as our support team helps to resolve the issue they are experiencing that day.  We believe that kindness is the key to forming a positive relationship with each customer we serve.
  4. FLEXIBLE:  Our support team members participate in several aspects of the company.  They train the customers they support, forming relationships that will continue to grow for many years.  They act as customer advocates to determine which software enhancements will best serve the user community in each release and also assist in testing those items.
  5. KNOWLEDGEABLE:  When a call comes in, our support staff is ready to cover anything from a simple new-user question to more technical questions.  They go above and beyond every day to ensure each user’s success with SFO.  Each team member’s strengths are identified and utilized to give the customer the best experience possible.

Our support team members go home with a feeling of satisfaction that they have helped someone each day.  Our customers constantly give positive feedback as a testament to how the practical knowledge of SFO in relation to the public school environment has proven invaluable to them.  Each time our support staff takes a call they ask themselves one simple question, “How would I want to be treated if I was calling for help?”  This sets the tone for a positive interaction that benefits both the customer as well as the support staff member.  As the years go by, our customers quickly become our friends.

Support Team