About TRA

Since 1988, Technology Resource Associates, Inc. (TRA) has developed and provided quality cloud-based school activity fund accounting software and related services for the K-12 school system.

A former school district finance officer, who understands the school environment and its specific application needs, founded the company and currently serves as its president. Based on its founding principles, TRA has spent over two decades striving to deliver practical and affordable school-based software, as well as effective training and the ongoing customer support.

Training and support is crucial to the success of implementing any software application.

TRA is proud of its all-star staff consisting of 19 employees. Regardless of titles or positions, every TRA employee wears a customer support representative hat, instilling the commitment of providing the best support services available – truly a rare find in today’s marketplace.

Based in Wilmington, North Carolina, TRA supports a customer base of over 8,000 schools located throughout the United States. A touch of southern hospitality, flavored with over 30 years of school experience, adds to the TRA package that includes superior software applications, effective training, and exceptional support. Just ask any our customers!

KEV Group (“KEV”, “the company”), the maker of the School Cash Suite of products and the leading provider of cash accounting management and online payments software for K-12 schools, today announced the acquisition of North Carolina-based TRA, Inc. After the acquisition, KEV software will be used in more than 16,500 schools in Canada and the U.S., processing more than $3 billion in transactions annually, making it the largest provider of cash accounting management and online payments software in North America. Please read the full press release here.